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Oficina de Venecia

Los Ángeles, California

Entitled Marlena, this 15 by 20 foot hand-sculpted wall mural in concrete and plaster is a private commission for a home in Bel Air. This cycle of life themed monumental bas relief honors nature in its textured layers and organic, at times mythical shapes. Pure materials, such as recycled concrete clay, earth clay and venetian plaster are combined in different depths and with different textures, resulting in an overlay of multiple narratives. The final layer of venetian plaster brings out a shimmering flow throughout as a dance celebration of life. The specific venetian plaster used adds an ethereal hue between gold and earth that shimmers deeply when the sunlight hits from certain angles. Visible from multiple places within the house, in particular from the foyer at the main entrance, the mural is located under a domed skylight that diffuses the light differently throughout the day, bringing out a variety of hues, textures, perspectives and shadows depending on where one stands and which time of day it is.


Interiors: Ryan Saghian

Photography: Domenvandevelde

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